Here is a list of the basic questions we get asked, and the short answers.

When are you open?

7 to 6.30 M-F

Weekends 8-5 but we have flexibility if you tell us ahead of time.

What shots does my dog need to stay at the Ranch?

DHPP- (Distemper, Hepatitis, Parainfluenza, Parvovirus) sometimes with another abbreviation.


Bordetella- (kennel cough)

Dogs also have to be on a flea prevention program, with a product like Frontline, Advantage, Fibroguard, or a routine pill from your vet.

What is the free evaluation?

You leave your dog with us for an hour or so to let your dog get used to the Ranch,without the dog parent. This gives us a chance to observe and to see how the dog interacts with people and other dogs. We make sure the dog can enjoy being with other dogs in a common area. Most of the dogs enjoy seeing other dogs and get along quickly. Sometimes it takes a while to see how the dog will adjust to a new social setting.

How much does it cost?

Full Day Care is $29

1/2 Day Care is $17 (up to 5 hours)

Overnight is $45, an extra dog from the same family is just an additional $20.

We do have discount rates for multiple visit packages or extended stays.

There are no "extras" charges for treats, walks or other routine care. Only for something really special like giving medicine, grooming, training or emergencies.

Talk to us. We can make deals for different circumstances. Compare competitive rates and what care your dog receives.

What do you do to give back to the local community?

We support theFoothil Unity Center Pet Food Bank to support local people who may need some help. We are a collection spot for pet food donations.

We also have volunteered to be an emergency shelter for the City of Monrovia Fire Department emergency preparedness list.

We contribute both time and donations to other worthy local organizations, particularly dog related groups, such as United Hope 4 Animals.

Are you ecologically sensitive?

We are dedicated to providing the best care we can. This includes using biodegradable, recycled, and repurposed products whenever possible. We try to recycle the material we use at the Ranch.

Can we get the dog groomed?

If we know ahead of time we can often arrange for grooming services while the dog is here. We have a mobile grooming service that will come to the Ranch during your stay.

What do you do for feeding?

Typically we recommend that you bring your dog's normal food. But if you don't bring food we will give a very high quality dry dog food. We use food that is as allergy free as possible, and that is made in the USA.

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