Enroll your pup at Wonder Dog Ranch!

Thank you for allowing us to enjoy the company of your dog and to have your VIP (Very Important Pooch) become a part of our Wonder Dog Ranch family.

We are committed to safely treating your dog with lots of attention, affection and care; we’ll treat your precious family member just as we would treat a member of our own family.

This Enrollment Package may look extensive, but that’s simply because we want lots of details on file about you and your dog so that we can deliver the best possible care according to your needs and desires. And let us know about any special needs – we will try to accommodate and we normally do!

Forms below are in a .pdf format that you can download to your computer or to an online .pdf reader to complete and print out.  You may bring your printed and completed forms with you to your evaluation appointment, or send them to us via email in advance, along with a scan of your vaccination records.

Here are the four forms that you’ll need to complete:

Ernie with cape and treats

And there are some things for you to review and then keep for reference, like the Wonder Dog Ranch Policies, Procedures and Pricing, and our contact details so you can reach us anytime.

To be enrolled at Wonder Dog Ranch, your dog(s) must be healthy, current on vaccinations (DHPP, Rabies, Bordetella – verified with veterinary records), be flea and tick free, and have a suitable temperament for socializing with other dogs. For dog group activities, dogs must be neutered or spayed; if not, special arrangements can be made.

Wonder Dog Ranch requires that you complete and submit the Enrollment Checklist with vaccination records, the Dog Guardian Data Sheet, and the Dog Data Sheet along with the Service Agreement in advance or at the time of your dog’s free Evaluation Session. We schedule this session to understand your dog’s temperament and suitability for attendance at our daycare and boarding group activities. It will be scheduled for about an hour or so in the morning or afternoon and will require you to leave your dog with us during that time. Upon successful completion of this Evaluation Session, you can then make an appointment for your dog to come and play at the Ranch for either daycare or overnight care or both.
So, get your paperwork done, get the vaccination records from your vet, and sign all the forms (the Enrollment Checklist, the Dog Guardian Data Sheet and the Dog Data Sheet, and the Service Agreement) and then call us to schedule your evaluation session and reservation. We’ll keep everything on file, and you won’t have to do the paperwork again.

We’re anxious to meet you and your dog and having your dog be a part of our friendly herd at Wonder Dog Ranch.

Anything we forgot?

Ranchers have a tradition of helping their neighbors and after doing this for a decade or so, we have lots of ideas and information about our community of dogs and their people. We want to be a resource for you and your furry, four-legged, family-member. If you think we can help you with something, or if you want to suggest that we change the way we operate, we’d love to hear your thoughts.

While you can’t change these Policies & Procedures, and Prices, we can… so please give us your feedback so we can think about making the right changes.